Alessio Zappa

👾 who am I?

I'm a Senior Frontend Engineer with deep knowledge for starting from scratch frontend projects with old good basic HTML, CSS and Javascript or using modern technologies with React and NextJS.
I love pushing code on github and bitbucket. At the moment I'm a Senior Frontend engineer at 🔐 Nozomi Networks inc, previously I was in the Enterprise Team as a senior frontend developer at 🌩 Cloud Academy inc. and before that, a senior designer, developer and cofounder at 🐼 Plastic Panda.
I'm also a 🍣 sushi and sashimi eater, 🍷 spritz drinker, 🍥 mangas reader (I own more than 2000 tankobon), and I'm (hot) 🍵 tea addicted.

🎩 skills

HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Typescript, NodeJs, ExpressJS, KoaJS, React, Redux, NextJS, GraphQL, pug, stylus, styled-components, PHP, Wordpress, Prismic, bash, Docker, Cypress, CI/CD and AWS basic knowledge

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